Education: a debt due from present to future generations.

About Patha Bhavan Dankuni

The name “Patha-Bhavan” conjures up different impressions in different people. Some tend to fall back on Tagore’s seat of learning in Santiniketan – but here in kolkata and its neighbouring districts, Patha–Bhavan brings out the vision of learning in its true sense. Much had been said and argued about the maladies in our education system – still it went on. The age-old tradition of mechanical classroom teaching and grinding machine of examination system introduced by the British colonist still rolled on. This was the when a dedicated band of teachers got together and Patha-Bhavan was conceived, The unconventional method of working and sympathetic attitude that was adopted by these teachers and followed by younger and eager teachers as well has been proved to be successful. The founders felt happy to see that they have established themselves in spite of the very, very difficult times that they have gone through. While traveling through this hard rocky path there were times that brought about discordant notes – the falling out of some, and the sad demise of a few – yet slow but steadily Patha-Bhavan moved on. The main force behind this was Smt. Uma Shehanavis and anyone who had come into contact with her in the slightest context would be able to narrate the tremendous capacity she had to inspire us.

The first Governing Body and Managing Committee that Patha-Bhavan had was a surprising group of intellectuals and educationists viz. Meera Duttagupta, Sushobhan Sarkar, Ajit Dutta, Tarun k. Basu, Satyajit Ray, Dr. Amiya Bose, and many others. The height that Patha-Bhavan has reached would have been impossible, without the tireless effort of them. A very strong point is to be mentioned in the history of Patha-Bhavan. They believe that the young mind of the child absorbe material from its surrounding atmosphere and so they let them be exposed to beautiful things like – Classical Dance & Music (both Indian &Western) by organizing special performance of Balasaraswati, Russian Ballet troupe from Moscow an evening of Shakespearean Drama by the Kendali’s (Shakespeare-wallah) , a Satyajit Roy film festival that went on for a week showing ‘Pather Panchali’, Apu’s Trilogy, Teenm Kanya, Debi and his famous documentaries. They regularly held melas – the famous Sishu Mela at Deshapriya Park. Sukumar Mela near the Maidan and also Satyajit Mela which was held lately The enthusiasm and joy the children get is something which can only add to founders’ achievement. These events also help to develop proper values in the clean and fertile minds of the children. Patha-Bhavan logo was made by Satyajit Roy and the Mela Signature tune was composed by him.

At this juncture when the founder members sere approached by D C C to open a Bengali Medium Primary school in the Complex in Dankuni, they were extremely reluctant. But again, it was Smt. Shehanabis who took the initiative. She urged the members to visit the complex, talk with the authorities and see if Patha-Bhavan could spread its ideas in the sphere of education and gain acceptance by using their methods, training their teachers with a modern outlook and receptive mind in trying to build up the total personality of a child. Patha-Bhavan’s method, unlike other conventional schools gave as much importance to Art, Craft and Music as to other subjects of Humanities and Science thereby giving the children complete education. Within a short span of twelve years Patha-Bhavan has grown in leaps and bounds, and with the enthusiasm of the guardians and D C C authorities reached the Madhyamik. They also have given permission to start the Higher Secondary Dept.


Aims of the School

Patha Bhavan Dankuni was established in 1992. The Primary aim of the school is to develop an all-rounded personality ans to instill sound human values. The School hopes to achieve the best Standards and impart individual attention to the students. The school also intends to develop the full potential of the children in a congenial environment through curricular and co-carricular activities.

Contact Details

Patha Bhavan-Dankuni Dankuni Coal Complex Township District: Hooghly, West Bengal P.O. Dankuni Coal Complex Pin: 712 310

Phone: +91 (033) 2659 3813


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